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Data Optics Ltd

Data Optics Ltd is an accomplished fibre optic cabling subcontractor providing comprehensive networking infrastructure solutions for the industrial sector in the UK and abroad.

Specialist Expertise

With heavy data transfer needs, demanding security requirements and the necessity for readily scalable capacities, it is imperative that industrial facilities are fitted with secure, robust, flexible data networks to effectively support their current operations and future growth.

Data Optics Ltd offers exhaustive industrial data network solutions for industrial applications of varying complexity. Our engineers are highly trained and fully competent at specifying, planning, installing, testing, maintaining and repairing fibre optic and copper networks, associated equipment, as well as wireless systems and integrated IP surveillance.


  •  National Grid and Overhead Lines
  •  Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Water Authorities
  • Oil and Gas
  • Wind Farms
  • Solar Farms
  • Transport
  •  Telecommunications
  • Government
  • Ports
  •  Energy From Waste
  • Manufacturing